Reference, Eric Fretz

To Whom It May Concern:

I write to strongly recommend the work of Nathan Hoppe and Compass Construction. Nathan and his crew finished our basement in 2007, and we have been extremely happy with the work they did for us.

Nathan and his crew are extremely skilled contractors. The work they did for us was accomplished in a first-rate manner, and we have not had any problems with their work subsequent to the completion of the project. One of the things that Nathan is particularly good at is solving problems in an innovative manner. For example, we were having a problem figuring out how to get a french door in the bedroom--there wasn't enough room for a swinging door, so Nathan designed and constructed a very unique and beautiful sliding barn-door to take the place of a swinging door. Whenever guests visit us and see the door for the first time, the go out of their way to say how cool it looks.

Beyond that, though, we found Nathan to be extremely courteous, timely and good to his word. He always took time to answer our questions (no matter how stupid they were), and he accomplished the work when he said he would get it done. Additionally, his final bill came in right at his original estimate.

We have since recommended Nathan's work to a number of our friends who have contracted him and have been just as pleased as we are.

Please feel free to contact me if you have further questions.


Eric Fretz