Reference, James Cowperthwaite

Dear Nathan,

Thank you for asking me to say a word about the excellent job you and Compass Construction did on the Cowperthwaite family's home at 3rd Avenue and Gilpin Street.

The project involved a complete, high-end kitchen remodel air conditioning upgrades, and many electrical and mechanical changes required to support the improvements and please the building inspectors. As part of the elegant Denver Country Club Historic District, it was a tough challenge to protect adjoining living areas of this prominent home and to minimize the impoact of construction on fussy neighbors. You and Compass Construction came through beautifully on all counts.

Your bid was competitive and your help through planning and ramp-up helpful. Work proceeded in a professional and workmanlike fashion. Problems got creatively and speedily solved, details attended to with care, relationship with installers, suppliers, and others effectively handled, and change orders processed skillfully and priced fairly.

I've never been connected with a project that was left so clean.

I recommend Compass Construction with no reservations what so ever and look forward to our next project together.

With gratitude and respect, I am

Very truly yours,

James Cowperthwaite