Getting Started

get-startedWhat to expect

How do you get started? Here’s a good checklist.

The first thing you need to know is how do I pay for this?

If you are financing, you will need construction or remodeling loans.


Get your documents together. You will need:

Tax Returns (including any attached schedules).

W-2’s. These days income matters as much or more than credit.

Business balance statements and income statements (if a business).

Who should be my lender if I am financing?

We don’t make general recommendations, check with your preferred bank first, but here is a resource list. If you are going the 203K rehab route, some of our clients have had success with this lender.

The next thing is plans. How do I get plans?

You will need an architect. If you don’t know of one, we would be happy to refer one.

How do I get those plans approved?

We take care of that when filing for permits. Permits can take a long time, especially in the current environment in Denver. Ask us about current turnaround times in your location.

Can I stay in the house while it is being remodeled?

You can, it depends on the scope of work it may be possible in certain situations, however, for large projects we wouldn’t recommend it. When folks say it is dusty, that is a huge understatement. A thick carpet of dust will attached itself to everything. If you have respiratory issues of any kind, the answer is a definite no.

How long can I expect the job to take?

This varies on the type of job. If we are doing foundation or roofing with the job, weather will be a huge determining factor. If permitting or inspection issues push dates, this can compound any weather issues. Be prepared for extensions based on these factors.